Your Financial Freedom is Waiting For You!

We believe in transparency, honesty, and responsibility. We are passionate about building relationships and partnerships that last forever. 

Mutual respect with gratitude and integrity delivering the best solutions for our clients. Nothing is too short or too big for us to do. 

We pride ourselves in dedication and loyalty with effective communication between our clients and our providers. We gain satisfaction when we see our clients are building their portfolio to achieve their short and long-term goals.

We provide a bespoke property sourcing service. With careful attention to details, we understand client requirements to objectively source the right property for you. 

For our bespoke property sourcing service, we charge 2.5% (vat to be included) on the purchase price (a min of £5,000 whichever, is greater) and Central London 3%. 

10% fee (VAT to be included) is taken in initial set up (deducted off full fee) to start the bespoke sourcing process.  On mortgage offer 75% payment with the remainder 25% on Exchange.

Cash purchases, 10% fee to start the process, 70% on when solicitor starts the work and reminder on exchange /completion. 

We have a team of panelist and experts who scan the market for favourable mortgage lenders, legal, and surveyors. All quotes and payment timetables will be provided with their separate fees. You should budget between 6% to 8% of purchase price.  

For a refurbishment, renovation, remodeling, and ground up development separate quotes will be provided. 

Project management is also provided for your work starts from 12.5% (vat to be included) on the full project price (price determined by the actual project).

If you are considering auction property, we will discuss this in full with you before hand. Most completions are within 28 days and needs to be cash purchases. 

Your Buy To Let will incur stamp duty in the UK, 

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We aim to please and develop deep rooted trust.  We will handle from sourcing to completion so you do not need to stress allowing you to work on whats important to you. 

Hands-free for you.  

We will need your full co-operation with documentations, 

  1. Identification - Passport copy, national ID, Driving licence
  2. Proof of income Pay slips - 3 months
  3. Salary certificate sign, stamped and dated
  4. Proof of funds (deposit & cash purchase)
  5. 3 months bank statements
  6. Details of your LTD company (we will discuss this with you)
  7. Tax returns (if required by the underwriters)
  8. Financial statements 2 years - if self employed 

Verfication and ID questionnaire will be sent directly to your email address. 

Further documentation may be required as per the individual service providers. 

Letting agents service - we will discuss the most profitable and compliant options for you. Carry out the vet,  let out your property for you and provide a fully managed service for stress free investing.