It's essential every woman has her own bank account. 

Security and ownership of land and property is critical to women social and economic empowerment.

In line with this, for women to be aware and have the knowledge to have financial independence which is a path to achieving financial freedom. 

Being financially independent is the status of having or earning sufficient wealth to pay your living expenses without having to be dependent on anyone.  Have the ability to make their own financial decisions. 

Whereas, financial freedom is the ability to live your desired life, make your own financial decisions, and achieve your financial goals. It is not just paying your bills and living a debt-free life. 

To achieve financial freedom, its important to have your own assets that are income generating plus capital growth. Or an income generator, giving you a rate higher than the bank. Hands-free, no management. 

We specialise in women having the open gateway access to their own property portfolio.