04 Dec

One of the most important graphs for 2022, for everyone that understands their aspirations is to think about how you can become financially free.

House prices are falling, whilst rental is increasing. 

Do you have financial strains?

A family with children and you need to provide fees for schooling?You are saving up for when you children go up for university and you need to fund it?

What about emergencies, redundancies, illnesses, other life issues?
Do you have a financial contigency plan in place for eventualiailites? 

Do you have a plan to achieving financial freedom.
The average UK house price is now falling at a faster pace then ever before.

This is a property investors market. The best time to invest, before competition and demand gets heavy, pushing house prices back up.

Investors need to enter in the UK housing market FIRST to obtain the best favourable lender rates.

Why invest in the UK Property Market?

The current UK government has had incredible implementations over the past 5 years of leveling up the entire country with a trajectory of a further uplift in stronger employment, foreign investment, Silicon Valley innovation, and world class education.
Investing now in the UK property market with monthly rental income can lead to significant capital appreciation when you decide to sell.

Invest wisely, expert help is essential, invest in your personal investment strategy.
At Knightsbridge Properties we help foreign nationals (non British citizens) invest in the UK Property Market with a completely hands free approach. We deal with all central government, local government and 3rd party service providers.

We manage, coordinate, and facilitate the entire process A to Z:-1. Initial investment strategy discovery.2. Sourcing the best property deals.3. Negotiating the property price.4. Securing the most favourable lender/ cash purchase.5. Securing the best legal, surveyors, and alike.6. Managing the entire process with all 2nd and 3rd parties in an effective, timely manner, stress free for you whilst you carry on with your day to day life.
UK Property Market = Financial Freedom

Our bespoke approach leads to greater satisfaction of all clients, investment strategies being fulfilled, monthly rental income and capital growth.

Don't work hard for your money, worker SMARTER let your money work hard for you.

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(Obtain expert advice before making investment decisions).

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