15 Jan

A significant disparity exists with women not being investors, its estimated that women lose up to $1m over the course of their lifetime in this gap.  Ironically, because statistics show women tend to live longer than men and incur greater healthcare costs in retirement.

By keeping your money in savings account women and men are loosing out on potential opportunities of financial gain and building up wealth.

An example,  you have £25,000 savings, you invest it in a £100,000 property, your mortgage of 25 years repayment would be £500 per month.  Your rental income on this is £800 per month, per year you generate £3,600 passive income. Over 10 years its £36,000.  Your property after 10 years in the UK market is now doubled and is valued at £200,000.  If you decide to sell the property you have made a financial profit of £100,000.  (The example doesnt includes fees, legal, etc).

Women tend to spend their money on the family household goods, or entertainment or food. Too much reliance is placed on the partner not thinking about the future and how things can change very quickly. 

Always plan for an emergency.  

1) As a minimum have 6 months of savings.

2) Put away 10% of your monthly income into a saving pot to be invested 

3) Educate yourself on financial planning and investment strategies 

4) Consider a property management consultant to handle, guide you on your property investments, thus saving you time to focus on your job and family whilst you build your wealth and passive income.

5) Start your real estate journey as soon as possible.

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