04 Mar

According to 2018 studies by Fidelity Investments, only 29% of women see themselves as investors, with only 1 in 4 women are comfortable with their knowledge. As a female investor myself, creating and developing a portfolio or even buying your first property can be quite a daunting experience.  There is so much jargon, technical wordings, documents, contracts, flow of money that all needs to be carefully planned and considered. 

As women we need should think about financial planning. It's essential whatever your circumstances are. We all face difficult periods of our life and if you have a financial plan that includes real estate generating you income that difficulty becomes easier. 

As a must you should always have your own property in the country that you consider are your roots (essentially, the home country / place that you want to be buried in). This will allow you to settle, feel a belonging to a place, a place that you call home. 

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