15 Apr

Do you own a property? 

Yes, or No? 

If no, why not? 

If yes, do you want to earn whilst you sleep? How many properties do you own? 


Do you think it's wise to not have an investment strategy in place? 

Don’t have enough money to buy a property - there are many schemes from First time buyers, to rent to buy schemes and mortgages that lend money for you to buy your home. 

There are many lenders, at Knightsbridge Properties due to our strong relationships with finance brokers we can secure you a mortgage deal that will fit comfortably with your monthly take home salary. 

The safest asset class to invest in is real estate, why? 

Because real estate increases in value and or if rented it can generate you income whilst you sleep. The main criteria be in full time employment and 25% deposit for the LTV on the property. 

Do not delay in buying your property, or building a passive income real estate portfolio, it’s your gateway to financial freedom. 

The YES ANSWER You just have the one residential property and have not considered a 2nd or 3rd property, because you are unable to save due to family commitments.

We at Knightsbridge Properties understand these dilemmas and work with our clients to source and secure them value for money 2nd property that is a Buy to Let or Commercial property to reduce the impact of current and future financial constraints. 

We work with your budget criteria to ensure its manageable and not a strain. Removing financial stress.

Do not delay in entering the financial freedom movement, we can help you achieve your goals. 

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