16 Jun

In the world today there is only 1% of women that have invested in land and property.  Every woman should have a financial strategy in place that is not dependent on anybody, be it their spouse, partner, family members or friends.

Having your own investment strategy empowers you in so many way but most of all gives social and financial freedom.  Gives greater independence, and in circumstances of difficulty, emergencies and complex situations your own wealth portfolio will be your life line.

Investment strategy has many components to make it a solid wealth builder. 

One such asset is real estate, investing in land and property. 

1. Healthy Personal finances. By building a property portfolio of land, BTL, commercial you invest in real assets that generate your passive income as well as capital growth in value. Your assets work for you whilst you sleep, giving you a healthy positive income flow to eventually support your day to day living. 

2. Investing in the UK shows property values double within 10 years of holding the real estate. This growth is much larger in London, the capital city as well as major metropolitan cities in the UK. 

3. Greater flexibility in how you earn income, you could spend more time with your family whilst your income generating assets provide you with monthly income. 

4. Long term security - becoming financially free (at whatever age) not having to work and to secure your steadfast 'retirement' pot. 

5. In circumstances of divorce, and separation, household income is significantly reduced. Your independent investment portfolio is the most precious currently. It keeps you afloat, so you don't need to worry too much on the immediate financial situation. 

6. In times of redundancy, loss of job, your passive income continues to work for you, whilst generating your savings to use in an emergency. 

7. Securing your own passive income, supports your mental health, physical health, and psychological wellbeing. 

8. Protect your savings from eroding against inflation, especially when inflation is high your value of savings decreases by up to 10%. 

9. You have leverage to borrow further on a higher value residential property, or to increase your investment return. 

10. We at Knightsbridge Properties are strong believers of diversification. When you decide to become a property investor we will assess and support the diversification process to combat any negative correlations with your own asset classes. Property value can go up and down and your mortgage rate will also go up and down which possess the risk on your investment. We can support the reduction of the volatility of your portfolio determined by your property assets.

11. Build up equity and wealth by creating a portfolio that is long term, sustainable wealth and income generating to give you peace of mind.

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