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At Knightsbridge Properties we are your turn key solution to investing into the UK property market.  

We also are property developers and carry out all types of house conversions, and ground up developments in the South East of England.

Are you an investor and would like to buy property in the UK?

We are a property management consultancy dealing in a turnkey solution of bespoke deal packaging for all your needs to generate attractive passive income.

  Hands-free gateway into the UK real estate market.

From sourcing the best property, whether it be first time buyers, residential, buy to let, hotels, flips, commercial buildings, and retail space we present the best deals, lending offers, and full renovation (if required)

Our property portfolio for our investors have been in luxury mansions, to penthouses and to 1, 2, to 3 bedroom properties earning upto ROI 6 - 8% in this current 2021/2022 market. We cater for all sizes and value properties, we negotiate and close the best price for you.

Some of our properties are boasting ROI of 16%.

Our clients vary from Royalty, UHNWI, VVIPS, and Diplomats, to high income earners, with an investing risk appetite.

We also specalise in all types of renovations, and building works, from light refurbishments, to extensions and ground up developments. Our partners have been in the industry for over 30 to 40 years.

A woman-owned business. We love to support women initatives and women investors to empower them to their journey of becoming financially acute and independent. 


CONTACT US TODAY AND WE WILL REPLY WITHIN 24 HOURS. Or simply send a whatsapp to +44 777 1085 444 for instant communication. Primary Areas of Focus: South East Region London / Kent / Essex Secondary Areas of Focus: North England / Scotland

  • Below Market Value UK Property

  • BRRR Refinance After Refurbishment

  • Cash Buy, Low Value UK Property

  • Income Generators Fixed Rate


We Believe in Transparency, Honesty, and Responsibility

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Knightsbridge Properties SPV LTD is a registered company under incorporation number 14302833 within the United Kingdom. Let's connect on: Telegram @Knightsbridge_Prop /+44 777 1085 444 Telegram channel @invest_in_ Uk_realestate